All You Wanted to Know About Problems During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through a great deal of changes. Most of these are hormonal changes that are common during pregnancy. Sometimes these changes may cause discomfort or some form of irritation and during some occasions may seem quite alarming for some women.

Experiencing some problems during pregnancy is at times normal but if you feel that something is wrong, do not hesitate to inform your doctor or midwife.

Common problems during pregnancy

Problems During PregnancyAbdominal pain is one of the most common problems that pregnant women experience. A stretching pain in the lower abdomen is very common especially from the second trimester onwards.

The pain may be dull and long or brief but sharp. The cause of the pain is mainly due to the thickening and stretching of muscles and ligaments supporting your uterus.

Abdominal pain can also be caused by digestive discomforts like constipation and gas or bloating which are normal and common problems during pregnancy.

Headaches are also very common especially during the first trimester. This is usually a dull pain in the entire head and the exact reason is not known. This is however assumed to be related to hormonal changes during the early stages of pregnancy. These headaches tend to diminish as pregnancy progresses when the hormonal levels in your body tend to stabilize. Lack of enough sleep and stress may also cause headaches during pregnancy.

Sleeping problems are one of the inevitable problems during pregnancy. Insomnia mostly occurs because of the discomforts associated with pregnancy like frequent urination, backaches, headaches and anxiousness.

Skin and color changes are also common problems during pregnancy. It is normal to get stretch marks, yellowish or brownish color patches on various parts of the body like the nose, cheeks and around the eyes.

Most women also have a dark line appearance on the midline of their lower abdomen. These changes mostly occur due to the increase of synthesis of melanin. This is a pigment that usually gives color to your skin.

Backaches are also frequent during pregnancy and occur due to many reasons. Lower back pains are most common mainly because the ligaments that join the spine and your pelvic bones are loosened to allow child birth. The enlarged uterus also puts strain on the back bone which mostly causes pain when you sit, stand or walk for a long time.

Simple solutions to common pregnancy problems

When experiencing headaches, the best solution is to have enough rest, sleep and avoid stress. Knowing the cause of the headache is also important and if it doesn’t stop, seek medical attention. For abdominal problems during pregnancy, it is important to ensure that meals are taken in frequent potions. To stop gas problems or constipation, avoid certain foods or reduce their intake. Changing positions of rest is also good for stretched muscles and ligaments.

Sleeping problems are best handled by ensuring comfort at your time of sleep. Room temperature should be favorable and avoid eating before going to bed. Take a warm bath and relax as much as possible. Skin problems are best managed by avoiding the use of bleaching products, rather use make up to conceal the patches. For backaches, avoid activities that put a lot of strain on your back and incorporate some form of daily simple activities or exercises.


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