Possible Reasons for a Missed Period

There are only a few things that scare women this much, and this is why they are looking for reasons for a missed period. The first thing that they usually think about is pregnancy, but there are also some other reasons that could delay your period, so make sure that you find out about them.

Stress as a cause of a missed period

There are a lot of aspects of our lives that stress has an effect on, including your period. In case you are under a lot of stress the body decreases the level of hormone that triggers ovulation and so you won’t have your period. Work with your midwife or doctor to find ways to relax.

Reasons for a Missed PeriodIllness

Being affected by some kind of illness, short or long, could be a cause of a missed period. Nonetheless the effects are usually only temporary.


In case you had a given schedule for a longer period of time, and you change it, it could throw your body off balance and it becomes one of the reasons for a missed period.

This is especially true if you start working during the night or the day, while before you have been working another schedule before.

Changing medications

Another one of the reasons for a missed period is to be trying a new kind of medication. In case this is a side effect that you experience you should make sure to mention it to your doctor or your midwife. It is something quite common in case of the contraception pills.

Being overweight

If you have to carry around too much weight, it could become a cause of a missed period. There could be a shift in the cycles, and in some cases it could also entirely stop the cycles.

In case women lose weight they will return to the normal periods and they will have no fertility problems.

Being underweight

If you don’t have normal body fat, it could be one of the reasons for a missed period. It is also possible not to have any periods. The condition is known as amenorrhea.

In the majority of the cases if women gain some weight, their periods will go back to normal. This problem usually occurs among professional athletes.


It is true that the menstrual cycle changes from one woman to the other and so it may become a cause of a missed period. Usually it is of 28 days; nonetheless it could be shorter or longer.

In some cases when women think that their period is late, they have only miscalculated it. This is something more difficult to calculate if you have irregular cycles.


This is the transition period between the fertile and not fertile period of your life and it is a cause of a missed period. The periods could change, being lighter or heavier, and they could appear more frequently or rarely.

As you can see pregnancy is not the only one of the reasons for a missed period so don’t get scared.


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