Nurture Your Relationship With Your Spouse During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to feel elated and is one of the most special moments that you can share with your partner as a couple, that brings you close and builds a lasting bond. However, this is always not the case. The problems between couples during pregnancy may amount to a feeling of being left out on the part of either partner.

relationship with spouse during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very unsure period for most women when they are going through hormonal changes and also they are grappling with their changed body structure. If proper efforts are not take to nurture the relationship with the spouse, the period during pregnancycan create a rift and feelings of distance between the two.

Read on to discover how you can work towards nurturing your relationship with your spouse during this crucial period.

1. Take out Some Time for yourself as a Couple

Pregnancy can be a hectic time with taking care of self, planning for the arrival of the new member in the family, making arrangements for the maternity ward and sessions with your gynecologist, planning the nursery for the kid starting right from the color on walls to play motifs and the crib. So much to do often leaves you short of time for each other. Even when you do sit together, more often than not you end up talking about the kid.

Take some time out for you two. Invest that time talking about what brought you together, the early days of courtship, what you like about each other and what is the reason why you are having the kid -that is your love for each other.

2. Sex is an Important Component of any Relationship

Sex during pregnancy is safe and need not be put on hold. However, pregnancy affects each woman in a different way. In case you do not want to have sex, talk about it to your partner frankly. You can have many other ways to be intimate with your partner even without sex. Massages relax the body and connect you too. Take a leisurely bath together to feel relaxed as you find intimacy in this act.

3. Plan for the Baby as a Couple

Many men feel left out where planning for the baby is concerned. Involve your spouse to on those baby dresses and small little toys as you fill up your nursery with them. Decide on baby names together. Plan things that you would like to do once the baby will arrive.

4. Plan a holiday together

After the baby comes, it is obvious that to find time for each other or to take a break will be difficult for quite some time. Therefore, the period of pregnancy will be a good time to plan for a short outing. You may plan to go on a weekend trip or maybe for a week long one. Whatever you do, do not think of this expenditure as an unnecessary one especially when you are planning to welcome the baby. Investing in a holiday is actually investing in your relationship at this point.

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