Restless Legs During Pregnancy Could Increase Chances of RLS later

Many women experience Restless Legs Syndrome during pregnancy, which is a condition where there is an irresistible urge to move one’s body, particularly the legs to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations.

restless legs during pregnancyA new study has shown that those women who experienced RLS during pregnancy were more likely to experience it later as well.

It has been seen that as many as one fourth of pregnant women do actually experience RLS, which is higher than the rate seen among the general public – between 5 and 10%.

It was found by an Italian study that about 25% of women who had experienced the symptoms of RLS during pregnancy were seen to have the condition even 7 years after their delivery.

So according to lead researcher, Dr. Mauro Manconi, pregnant women should know about this condition and that it is commonly seen to occur during pregnancy – this will help to reassure them according to him.

However, it is also important to warn women that this could also occur or continue to occur after their delivery.


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