Sciatica During Pregnancy

There is a popular view that Sciatica is one of the aches and pains caused by or exacerbated by pregnancy, that the weight of the baby pressing on the sciatic nerve causes pain and inflammation.

However, there is a contrary view that this pain is not caused by sciatica; that the pain is not caused by the baby pressing on a nerve rather this is the erroneous view of what is essentially pelvic girdle pain.

Sciatica is usually caused by pressure from a prolapsed or a slipped disc due to the compression of a ligament and these conditions are not generally related to pregnancy. That is to say that they are no more or less likely to occur because of the pregnancy.Sciatica

What usually causes this sciatica like pain during pregnancy is pelvic girdle pain which is characterized by one sided pain concentrated on the buttocks area radiating down towards the back of the legs.

This happens because of the softening of the ligaments and other joints in the pelvis area in preparation for the birthing of the baby. There is also a change in posture, weight distribution in the body and more pressure on the pelvis region which causes the pain.

So by taking care while bending over, lifting things, paying attention to one’s posture and wearing sensible shoes, many of these pregnancy aches and pains can be kept at bay.


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