Special Swine Flu Precautions For Pregnant Women

It is pretty well known that women who are pregnant are more at risk from Swine Flu infections, so during this time, it is particularly important for women to take certain precautions to protect themselves from Swine flu:

  • It is important to follow prescribed hygiene and hand washing procedures. Carry antibacterial hand gel, the rinse-less kind wherever you go to promote hand cleanliness
  • Avoid unnecessary travel. If possible postpone travel plans because it is in public places where there are many shared surfaces that there is a maximum amount of viral contagion.swine flu
  • Relenza can be a good prophylactic measure against Swine Flu. This should be taken under supervision of a medical practitioner, and if the pregnant woman has been around or in prolonged contact with people with the swine flu infection. Even the Department of health has cleared this antiviral inhaler drug as being safe for use even during pregnancy as an antiviral with minimum potential side effects on the developing fetus.
  • Under certain circumstances Tamiflu may be prescribed but again this must be taken under medical supervision.
  • Continue to have antenatal checks and get in touch with a doctor at once if you have flu like symptoms or suspect that you may have swine flu


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