Is It Normal To Have Stomach Cramps In Early Pregnancy?

Is it normal to have stomach cramps in early pregnancy? Well, this is a question most women have. Having just discovered that you are pregnant, most typically by virtue of a positive pregnancy test, most expectant women are likely excited at the prospect of impending motherhood.

Into this scenario, if you introduce the factor of stomach cramps in early pregnancy, it may likely cause alarm and the apprehension of something being very wrong.

stomach cramps in early pregnancyHowever in most cases, stomach cramps in early pregnancy are common and nothing to really worry about.

One of the reasons for this could be that the process of implantation of the embryo into the lining of the uterus is ongoing; this can cause some cramping, which can feel like mild menstrual pain.

Some stomach cramps in early pregnancy can owe themselves to the usual stretching and lengthening of muscles and ligaments that is required to let the uterus expand and make way for the growing baby.

The cramping could be towards the front, or the bladder or it could be towards the back, however the stress that it puts on the ligaments and nerves could be the cause of the pain.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body is still getting used to the changes that are going on inside it and even simple things like coughing, sneezing and changing the body position can result in pressure being placed on the ligaments and consequent discomfort, and hence stomach cramps in early pregnancy.

This sort of pain or cramping of early pregnancy will most likely disappear later, i.e. during the second trimester and then reappear as the baby grows really big in the third and final trimester.

However to be abundantly cautious, any possibility of an ectopic pregnancy should be ruled out. An ectopic pregnancy is that which occurs when the embryo or the pregnancy implants itself outside the uterine cavity – this could be in the fallopian tube, and in rare cases the cervix, abdomen or ovaries.

An ectopic pregnancy is usually not viable and can be a very dangerous situation for the mother and is one of the reasons for stomach cramps in early pregnancy.

It is the persistent or severe pain or cramps in early pregnancy that should be cause for concern, particularly if accompanied by other symptoms such as bleeding, etc.

However in the opinion of certain experts, no cramping in early pregnancy should be ignored. There are certain conditions which can cause such stomach cramps in early pregnancy and which could mean very serious consequences indeed. –

  • It isn’t just an ectopic pregnancy that could rupture and be potentially fatal, it could also be an appendix that is causing the pain and which may be in grave danger of rupturing that causes stomach cramps in early pregnancy.
  • Certain masses, cysts, and abnormal growths, as well as scar tissue and adhesions could be the reason for the pain and cramping, which should definitely be checked out in the interest of a healthy mother and baby.
  • Certain infections could also be the reason for stomach cramps in early pregnancy which should get treatment. Many infections may not be dangerous for the baby immediately, since the baby could be insulated against the infection itself. However at the time of the delivery, the baby could be at risk, and so it is best to have the infection cleared at the earliest.


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