How to Take Care of your Pregnant Wife?

It is a misconception amongst many that pregnancy is a women’s thing and husbands have no role to play in it. Husbands can actually be an amazing pillar of support and strength for their pregnant wives and make these nine months of her journey smooth both mentally and physically.

While your wife nurtures your child inside, there are a lot of things that you can do on the outside. It is only you who can make it a memorable and happy period for her and here are some ways that you can consider:

how to take care of your pregnant wife

Give Massages

Massage is something that all pregnant women love especially those back and feet massages. You can book an appointment at the spa or even do it yourself to make the moment passionate and romantic. This would also give her some relief from the pain.

Keep her Happy

You are going to have a baby with her and so you definitely know what makes her happy. Pamper her and give her everything she wants. Plan surprises and gift her small gifts. All these would make her happy.

Adjust with her Mood Swings

This is something that you definitely need to adjust to. It is said that a pregnant woman experiences mood swings many times a day and it is your duty to understand her mood and keep her happy.

Accompany her to the Doctor

This serves many purposes and the most important is that your wife knows that you are with her all throughout the pregnancy. You will also know what exactly is going with her pregnancy and so you would be in a better position to help her. Also, you get to see the picture of your baby and get to hear the heartbeat.

Help her with the Daily Chores

Whether it is cooking or cleaning the house, help her with the daily chores so that she can get some more sleep. Clean up after she throws up and help her in all possible ways.

Exercise Together

Pregnant women needs to exercise to ensure that she has a healthy pregnancy. You can exercise along with her to make it fun and interesting.

Take Care of her Diet

Morning sickness is something that almost all pregnant women have to tolerate and is accompanied by headaches, feeling of nausea and even vomiting. B6 supplements, ginger ale, ginger tea and the likes can make her feel better. Take care of all her dietary requirements and make sure that she takes her medicines properly. If you are in office call her to remind her about her medicines and everything else that needs to be done.

Take her out Frequently

Pregnancy can be really boring especially during the last trimester as your wife basically has nothing much to do. Take her out to dinner or take her out to shopping every week to keep the excitement alive.

Keep her safe and put her first no matter what. She should be your first priority.


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