Learn More About Toxoplasmosis Treatment

Before thinking about toxoplasmosis treatment, first you should consider the condition itself.

It is actually an infection caused by a parasite. This lives in the intestines of cats and it can be found in cat feces and can be transported to the litter box or to the ground.

Information about the treatment of toxoplasmosis

Healthy people aren’t affected by the parasite. In this case there are no ill effects or the condition is asymptomatic. Nonetheless if you get affected during your pregnancy, the infection could be passed on to the baby.

Infected babies could develop different kinds of diseases some of which may threaten their life. When thinking about treatment of toxoplasmosis the illness could lead to serious damage to the eyes or the brain of the baby.

Toxoplasmosis TreatmentIn case women get infected prior pregnancy, they develop immunity to the infection. This means that they can’t be infected during pregnancy and so the baby will be safe.

How about toxoplasmosis treatment

First it is important to confirm the diagnosis. Once this happens, you have to discuss with your doctor whether you need treatment for it.

As it has been mentioned before, healthy adults seldom require any kind of treatment. In this case the illness disappears on its own within a few weeks.

One the other hand, when thinking about treatment of toxoplasmosis in case of pregnant women or other people with a weakened immune system there are drugs that attack the parasites causing the condition. This means that the condition can be treated medically.

If pregnant women need toxoplasmosis treatment there are some drugs commonly used, such as pyrimethamine, suladiazine and folinic acid. The people who are also affected by HIV need a treatment as long as they live to make sure that the parasites are suppressed in their body.

In the same time the treatment of toxoplasmosis in case of pregnant women also includes spiramycin and leucovorin besides the drugs that have been mentioned before. Some of the drugs that are more rarely used include clindamycin and azithromycin andatovaquone.

It is important to remember regarding toxoplasmosis treatment that the pregnant women have a weakened immune system to make sure that their body won’t reject the baby. In their case, the treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks after the signs of the infection have already disappeared.

Although it is usually said that it is best for pregnant women not to have any drugs during pregnancy, when it comes to treatment of toxoplasmosis it is important to treat the condition at early stages, so the medical treatment is justified. The affected newborns are aggressively treated, too.

As you can see the condition could be a really serious one if it isn’t diagnosed early and if it isn’t treated. The mother may not have any serious problems, but the baby may be in danger, because the little one doesn’t have a fully developed immune system.

It is best to avoid toxoplasmosis treatment. Better said it is best to avoid getting in contact with the parasite carried by cats during the pregnancy.


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