Unusual Aches And Pains You Could Expect During Pregnancy

There are certain aches and pains that are commonly experienced during pregnancy; some that are almost expected by expectant mothers; but there are several others that could be unusual.

Though some pregnancy aches and pains are less common than others, they may not be cause for alarm and it pays to be aware and informed about them.

Back aches are commonly experienced during pregnancy; in addition many women may find that they have:

Abdominal or Round Ligament Pain: As the ligaments and muscles of the lower abdomen stretch to make more place for the growing baby, there could be pain in that region.

Most often this lower abdominal pain is caused by the stretching and the spasms in the round ligament (a cord like structure that attaches to the uterus that lengthens, thickens and tightens during pregnancy). However, at times lower abdominal pain could be a sign that there are other problems so it may be wise to report it.

Rib Pain: Don’t worry that is not a heart attack you’re having. It is more likely that it’s the little baby practicing his or her soccer skills.

The position of the baby may often be such that the kick lands right there under the ribs. Sometimes it could be trapped gas that causes pain just below the ribs. Either way this is no cause for concern.

Carpal Tunnel Pain: Carpal Tunnel syndrome is something that is usually associated with people engaged in repetitive motion; such as computer use or assembly line workers; but this is also a condition that many pregnant women develop.

There could be pain, tingling, numbness etc in the hands, the fingers and wrists. These sensations could be up to the shoulder. In extreme cases, there could be weakness of grip experienced.

This happens during pregnancy due to the fluid retention and swelling that is commonly experienced during pregnancy. This puts pressure on the median nerve which is responsible for sensation in the some of the fingers and also the muscle at the base of the thumb. When pressure is put on this nerve, sensation including pain and even lack of control may be experienced.

Hemorrhoids: This is a topic considered unsavory for discussion, but it is painfully common among pregnant women who find that their digestive processes tend to slow down, causing constipation and other problems.

As the expanding uterus puts pressure on the anus and rectum, the veins in the area come under pressure, and could start to bulge and become painful.


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