Useful Vaccine Information for Moms-To-Be

Most pregnant women are confused about which vaccine to take and which shot to avoid as different people and doctors may suggest them differently about vaccinations and their uses.

Depending upon the health condition of a pregnant female, the doctor may suggest different shots but the two that are absolutely necessary to be taken include a flu shot and a Tdap vaccine. The following given information will explain to you why you should take both if you are expecting a baby:

vaccine information for moms-to-beFLU SHOT

  • Flu shot protects pregnant women-the immune system of a pregnant woman tends to be weaker and this makes you much more vulnerable to falling sick or to germs. Thus you are much more likely to catch flu during pregnancy and the symptoms could worsen with time. Flu can trigger many other problems as well such as a pre-term labor. This is why a flu shot is necessary and must be taken at the right time during pregnancy. The flu season runs from September to March and hence you can accordingly schedule your shot.
  • Flu shot is absolute safe for pregnant females-another important thing to know about flu shot is that it is safe to be taken by a pregnant female. If you are skeptical about taking it then you must know that there are no side effects of taking it and it won’t affect the health of the baby in any way. You can get the flu shot any time during the trimesters but you must avoid taking the nasal spray version.
  • Flu shot is beneficial for the baby- research has shown that the babies whose mothers took the flu shot during their pregnancy were less susceptible to catching virus after their birth. Infact these babies were found to be healthier and bigger in size and were hardly hospitalized during the first year of their birth.


  • TDAP vaccine keeps new born safe-very young babies are quite vulnerable to many kinds of viruses and diseases. Some of these diseases include whooping cough, respiratory illnesses and pneumonia. Unless you baby is vaccinated against the disease, you can ensure his/her safety by taking a TDAP shot yourself. This shot protects the baby against many viruses and diseases including tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. If you talk to your doctor about this vaccine, he/she may suggest you to take it during the third trimester between the 27 and 36th week. One must take this vaccine every time she gets pregnant as the effect of it reduces over a period of time.

The Vaccinations are not just for Moms

It is important to remember that vaccinations are not just designed or meant for mothers. Anyone who takes care of your baby like the grandparents of the baby, the baby sitter, the caregivers and relatives must know about the possible vaccinations and shots as they can pose a risk to the health of the baby and may give him/her a whooping cough. Thus these people must also take necessary shots before the baby arrives.

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