8 Ways to Prevent UTI During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is higher risk of developing Urinary tract infection or UTI. As the baby grows inside a woman’s womb, the uterus pushes and blocks the urinary tract, causing pain and frequent need to urinate.  The cases of these infections are more common with women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy.  There are many ways to prevent UTI from occurring during pregnancy and the following are a few of the most effective ones:

ways to prevent UTI during pregnancy

1. Staying hydrated

Water is one of the best ways to flush out urinary tract infection. The best way to prevent the infection is by remaining well hydrated. This can be done by having 6-8 glasses per day or cranberry juice.  It is better to avoid intake of alcohol and caffeine.

2. Take vitamins

Another great way to avoid UTI during pregnancy is to take the right mix of vitamins.  Vitamins help in improving the function of the immune system and hence help to fight off the infection.

3. Avoid refine or processed foods

To avoid Urinary tract infection during the time of pregnancy, you must avoid having processed foods or food which is high on sugar content. Moreover, you may also need to avoid refined food items.  Sugar inhibits the action of white blood cells which help fight off infections including the urinary tract infection and hence must be avoided.

4. Empty the bladder every time you go to the washroom

Whenever you feel the urge to urinate, you must go to the bathroom and completely empty the bladder.  You must not hold the urine for too long in your bladder as this can lead to development of bacteria which can cause an infection.  Moreover, clean your genital area each time after you use the bathroom with a clean toilet paper to avoid development of infection.

5. Keep the genital area neat and clean

To prevent the chances of developing a urinary tract infection, you must always keep your genital area neat and clean.  Make sure you take shower twice a day rather than having a bath frequently using soap or bubble solution. Use a clean and dry cloth to clean your private parts to avoid development of infection.

6. Use cotton underwear

If you use undergarments of material like silk or lace, its better that you switch to cotton underwear.  Change your panties every day and make sure that they are properly washed and dried.

7. Use the bathroom before and after sexual intercourse

Another way to prevent the development of urinary tract infection is to use the bathroom both before and after sexual intercourse.  Moreover, you must use a water based lubricant while having sex. In case you develop a UTI during pregnancy or otherwise, then it is best to completely avoid having sexual intercourse.

8. Consult your doctor about vaccinations

If you are still worried about developing a urinary tract infection, then you can consult your doctor about the possible vaccinations that can help prevent the infection.

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