Worried About Diabetes During Pregnancy? Gestational Diabetes Diet To Control Your Body Sugar Levels!

Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy when the blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body are too high.

The blood sugar levels can be controlled through gestational diabetes diet.

In general, diabetes develops when the body is unable to produce adequate insulin, a hormone that allows the cells to transform the blood sugar into purposeful fuel.

However, during pregnancy, if the sugar in your blood is more, then the cells will not get required amount of useful fluid. Thus, gestational diabetes may develop.
Gestational Diabetes Diet

As gestational diabetes is very harmful for you and your baby, it is most important to control the condition [Gestational diabetes and birth defects]. An easy method to uphold the blood sugar levels in the body under control is to maintain a specific diet called gestational diabetes diet.

To plan your gestational diabetes diet, better consult a dietitian who can suggest you a proper diet based on your health condition, height, weight, age, the growing baby needs, as well as your glucose level intolerance.

A dietitian will suggest a gestational diabetes diet by identifying the amount of calories your body needs each day. Also, the dietician suggests the frequency, portions of your meals and the way to balance your diet with right quantity of calories and nutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat).

Follow some of these general guidelines to maintain gestational diabetes diet and control the blood sugar levels.

Try to include a variety of foods in your diet that are rich in calories and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is most important in gestational diabetes diet, as it helps increase the blood sugar levels in the body naturally.

Remember that excessive intake of carbohydrates at once can lead to very high levels of body glucose. Also, ensure that your meals as well as your snacks are well balanced all through the day.

People with diabetes are recommended by American Diabetes Association to eat three small sized meals and three to four snacks per day to control the blood sugar levels in the body. Also eat a snack in the evening to keep your blood sugar levels from decreasing during the nights.

As the blood glucose levels in the body will be out of range in the mornings, try to begin your day by taking a good breakfast and keep the sugar levels in a healthy range.

For some, intake of carbohydrates at breakfast can increase the blood sugar levels very quickly. So, limit the foods rich in carbohydrates and increase protein and high-fiber food proportions.

On the other hand, never skip your meals, as it can lead to decrease in your blood sugar levels. So, try to maintain the time and proportion of your meals regularly and keep the blood sugar more constant.

It is always good to avoid foods and beverages such as milk, fruit juice, soda, as these contain sugars and can raise glucose levels quickly. The dietitian replaces the sweetened foods with artificial sweetener in your gestational diabetes diet.

Besides gestational diabetes diet, it is good to increase your activity levels to maintain blood glucose at standard levels.


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