Can Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Affect Fertility?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments have come a long way over recent years. There are now a range of options open to men who suffer from this problem. For example, medicines like Viagra that contain the active ingredient Sildenafil can be used to manage ED in at least two-thirds of cases.

erectile dysfunction treatmentsSide Effects

When taken according to the instructions, these products are safe to use and they do not have a negative impact on fertility. There are certain potentialSildenafil side effects to be aware of, but you can find all of this information quickly and easily online and in the details provided with the treatments.

For example, one in ten of those who take these treatments experience headaches or nausea. Other possible but less likely side effects include dizziness, indigestion and blurred vision.

To reduce the risk that you’ll experience any side effects, it’s important to follow the instructions provided. For example, avoid using recreational drugs when you take ED medicines, particularly ‘poppers’ and ‘room odourisers’. Also, bear in mind that the treatments are available in different sized doses and it’s best to use the lowest possible dose that still provides the results you’re after. This may require some trial and error, but it’s worth it.

Also, check to see whether any prescription medicines you’re taking may interact negatively with the ED treatment.

Getting your Partner Pregnant

ED makes it difficult to have penetrative sex, but it does not mean that you are infertile. By taking medicines that enable you to get and sustain an erection, you can increase your chances of getting your partner pregnant.

Meanwhile, to boost your fertility, you may benefit from making changes to your lifestyle. For example, limiting your alcohol intake could help to protect your fertility. Men who exceed three to four units of alcohol per day risk damaging their sperm.

In addition, keeping your testicles cool can increase your sperm count. Ideally, your testicles should be one or two degrees cooler than the rest of your body. By wearing loose underwear and avoiding hot baths and showers, you may be able to raise your sperm count.

It’s important to limit your exposure to radiation and to certain chemicals too. For example, the glycol ester found in certain paints is known to damage fertility.

When to Seek Advice

If you have been trying to have a baby with your partner for a year or more to no avail, you may benefit from booking an appointment with your doctor. Trained medical professionals will be able to conduct fertility tests to identify any problems.


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