Things to Know About Fertility Testing

Just as the name suggests, the main point of fertility testing is to find the reason for which a couple can’t get pregnant.

These tests show people whether it is a problem with the woman, with the man or both. Usually the tests involve a physical exam, blood tests, semen analysis, and other special procedures.

Fertility Testing

Should you have the testing for fertility?

Before you think about testing of this kind, you should try the methods of fertility awareness. Find out when you have your fertility window.  Remember that you have the highest chances of getting pregnant 1-2 days prior to ovulation. Some couples realize too late that they are missing their chance of getting pregnant.

If you don’t want to have infertility testing you should track your menstrual cycles and the time when you ovulate. This will help the specialist in case you do decide to have the test. You should be thinking about the test if there is a physical problem, such as your partner not being able to ejaculate.

The fertility testing is also a possibility if you don’t have regular menstrual cycles or if you think that you don’t ovulate. If you happen to be in your 30s and you were actively trying to get pregnant for over 6 months and you didn’t succeed, getting tested might be the right solution for you.

How does the testing for infertility feel like?

Some parts of the test such as the semen analysis, physical exam and the blood tests don’t cause any pain. However there are some other procedures, such as the laparoscopy, endometrial biopsy and the hysterosalpingogram that comes with a certain level of pain.

Expenses of the fertility testing

The truth is that the tests of this kind could cost a lot and they also involve a lot of stress. During the test period you will have to keep track of your sexual activity and you will have to discuss this with your doctor. Before getting things started you have to decide how much testing you want to have.

When it comes to the tests for fertility you should know that in some cases the doctors don’t find the source of the problem even after extensive testing. This is why you should decide on how much testing you want right from the beginning and you have to know when the time comes to stop.


If you are worried about the fertility testing, it is good to know that the simple tests, such as the physical exam, blood tests and the semen analysis doesn’t represent any risks. However the more complicated tests like the laparoscopy or the hysteroscopy come with a certain level of risk.

Where to have the fertility tests?

The majority of the tests can be performed at the office or clinic of your doctor. The first tests can be done by your family doctor. In case of the man’s tests there is need for an urologist.

When it comes to fertility testing, things aren’t as complicated as they seem.


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