Health Risks of Infertility Treatments

Although the fertility treatments can increase your chances of getting pregnant, you should also think about the health risks of infertility treatments. If you know about them you can take measures to decrease the chances of unwanted side effects.

Health Risks of Infertility Treatments

Multiple pregnancies

If you know a little something about fertility treatments, you may know that if you undergo treatments of this kind, you have high chances of having twins or even triplets. Although it is quite rare to have more than 2 children, it is quite common to have twins.

Some people think about the health dangers of infertility treatment that they can have multiples in case of IVF. The truth is that the fertility drugs taken during the IUI cycles lead to the same result because there are several eggs released that can be fertilized.

The relevance of medication type

Normally the health risks of infertility treatments depend on the kind of medication that you are taking. The dosage also has a word to say along with your sensitivity to the agents of the drugs. For instance if you take Clomid you have 10% chances of having twins, which leads to higher risks of complications during the pregnancy.

The same infertility treatment health dangers should be mentioned in case of gonadotropins as well. About 30% of all the pregnancies resulting from taking gonadotropin are multiple pregnancies and two-thirds of these pregnancies result in triplets.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

This is another one of the health risks of infertility treatments. It appears in the moment when the ovaries become enlarged and they get filled with fluids. In the moment of ovulation the fluids get released into the body and they can lead to complications.

When thinking about the health problems associated with infertility treatments you should know that some enlargement of the ovaries is normal, but it could become dangerous. Many of the women who have IVF will be affected by this syndrome. However in only rare cases does the problem lead to kidney failure and blood clots. If the problem is mild, you can treat it at home.

Before you start any kind of treatment, you should find out more about the health risks of infertility treatments so that you will be prepared. This is something that you should discuss with a fertility specialist. Consider whether you can live with these risks or you would prefer to take a different path.


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