Major Infertility Causes and Possible Solutions

Before thinking about the infertility causes you should know that this refers to the inability of women to get pregnant for longer periods of time while actively trying.

In order to get pregnant ovulation and fertilization must follow the right course; and in case of infertility there is something that goes wrong with the process.

Infertility Causes

Statistical data

According to official data, in about one-third of the cases the problem is caused by the male partner. In another one third of the cases both of the partners have a problem that prevents them from having a baby. In the remaining one third of the cases the infertility is caused by a problem that the woman has.

Fallopian tube

When thinking about the causes of female infertility you could think about damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. This is usually caused by an inflammation of the fallopian tubes. The cause of this inflammation in the majority of the cases is chlamydia.


This is a cause of infertility that results from uterine tissue implanting and growing outside the uterus. Such situations can affect the function of the eggs, sperm, ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus. It is also possible to have elevated prolactin levels, which stimulate the production of breast milk. If you have high levels of this hormone and you aren’t nursing, your fertility can be affected.

Ovulation disorders

Because of this reason of infertility the ovaries are unable to release an egg.  If there is no ovulation, it is impossible for women to get pregnant. This problem can be caused by tumors, injury, starvation or too much exercise. Some of the medications can also be associated with this problem.


This infertility reason is also known as polycystic ovary syndrome. As a result of the condition the body produces too much androgen. This is a hormone that leads to ovulation problems. PCOS can also be associated with obesity and insulin resistance.

Early menopause

This origin of infertility refers to the lack of menstrual periods and the depletion of the follicles of the ovary before the age of 40. In the majority of the cases the cause of the problem is unknown, but there are some conditions that can be associated with it. These include immune system diseases, chemotherapy or radiation treatment and smoking.

Uterine fibroids

In case of the infertility origins you have to think about these benign tumors that appear on the walls of the uterus and that are most common in case of women in their 30s or 40s. In rare cases these can lead to infertility because they can block the fallopian tubes. Usually the fibroids interfere with the fertilized egg’s implantation.

Pelvic adhesions

This infertility origin refers to bands of scar tissue that bind the organs after a pelvic infection, pelvic or abdominal surgery or appendicitis. The scar tissue of this kind can result in infertility, but this isn’t always the cause.

Now you know what causes infertility but you have to remember that there are some other possible causes as well.


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