IUI Procedure Side Effects

If you are concerned about the IUI procedure side effects, most probably you know that IUI stands for intrauterine insemination. This is commonly used by couples who are struggling with infertility. Don’t forget that this is a medical procedure and just like any other medical procedures, it has possible side effects as well.

IUI Procedure Side Effects

Fertility drugs

Before you actually start the process, your doctor will prescribe some fertility drugs that will increase the chances of success of the procedure.

These usually stimulate the ovaries so that they will produce more eggs. These fertility drugs can lead to different kinds of side effects.

The negative effects of IUI procedures include having hot flashes, nausea, visual disturbances, headaches, depression, mood swings, pelvic discomfort, bloating, breast tenderness, painful and swollen ovaries (which is a sign of ovary hyperstimulation syndrome), swelling or rash at the injection site and ovarian cysts.

The good news regarding the IUI procedure side effects is that if they are caused by the fertility drugs, usually they are mild and they disappear in a short while after you stop taking the medication. If you notice side effects, it is important to talk about them with your doctor.


It is good to know about the IUI procedure negative effects that there are only small chances of getting pregnant with multiples as a result of IUI, but it is something that the fertility drugs can make possible. About 10% of the women who take fertility drugs will get pregnant with twins and the chances in case of gonadotropins are of 30%.

When it comes to the IUI procedure side effects, usually women don’t see having several babies at once as a side effect, but as a blessing. However, they also have to consider that having a multiple pregnancy can come with different kinds of complications.

Other side effects

The adverse effects of IUI procedure in case of multiple pregnancies include complications at birth, low birth weight, premature birth, gestational diabetes, developmental problems, bed rest and preeclampsia. However you have to remember that the side effects are usually minimal.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time now, most probably the IUI procedure side effects won’t seem so serious. Nonetheless, this is something that you should discuss with your doctor to be sure that you are prepared for what is coming and that you will be able to handle the procedure.


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