IUI vs. IVF – Get the Facts

If a couple is struggling with infertility most probably they are considering IUI vs. IVF.

Both of these procedures are meant to increase the couple’s chances of conception. In some cases the couples don’t know which one to choose so they are looking for guidelines.


When is IVF used?

If you are thinking about IVF vs. IUI you should know that IVF is commonly used in case of couples who have been actively trying to get pregnant for a year without success. It can be used in case of pelvic adhesions, blocked fallopian tubes, severe male infertility and failed cycles of ovarian stimulation.

Information about IUI and IVF

You should know that the success rates of IVF continuously improve as the technology and the knowledge advances. In 2009 the success rate was of 30%. The truth is that the success rate for women younger than 30 is much higher than this.

You have to consider regarding IUI vs. IVF that the success rates of IVF and the costs of IUI and IVF change over time and these could be factors that you have to take into consideration when making a decision. Also consider that the success rates of IUI didn’t change much over the past few years.

When thinking about IVF and IUI it is good to know that during the early 1990s the couples had 3-6 IUI cycles before their moved on to IVF. In our days that couples choose to have IVF only after 2-3 unsuccessful cycles of IUI.

Women over 30 and IUI vs. IVF

If you are over 30 and you have been trying for 2 years you have 8% chances each month to get pregnant using IUI and clomiphene in the first 3 cycles. You have 12% chances with FSH and IUI in the first 3 cycles. Your chances of conception are of 55% after one cycle of IVF.

Cost efficiency

When considering the IVF and IUI treatments in many cases the patients believe that IVF is more cost-efficient. Naturally this procedure isn’t suitable for every couple. However the majority of couples would benefit from starting IVF before undergoing extensive tests, IUI and surgery because these don’t increase their chances of conception that much.

In case you are thinking about IUI vs. IVF you should know that IVF has higher chances of getting you pregnant than any other kind of procedure. Another reason for which more people opt for IVF is the concern that women will end up having twins.

The advantage of IVF over IUI is that the parents can choose the number of embryos that they want to have transferred into the uterus of the woman. In case of IUI the number of fertilized eggs cannot be controlled and you could end up with 7 kids.

There are a lot of aspects that you have to consider regarding IUI vs. IVF. In order to make an educated decision you have to talk to your doctor and you must know all aspects of both procedures.


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