IVF Risks and Side Effects

The women thinking about the IVF risks and side effects most probably know that it means in vitro fertilization and it is a form of ART. The method is relatively effective and it has been used since the 1970s. The risks of the procedure are determined by the medical history of the future mother.

IVF Risks and Side Effects

Treatment failure

It is important to remember that IVF may not work the first time you try it and in some cases it doesn’t work at all. There are a lot of variables that influence the chances of success, such as the quality of the woman’s eggs or uterus abnormalities. Several failed treatments can have a strong emotion effect on the patients.

Fertility drugs

Some of the negative effects are risks of IVF are determined by the fertility drugs containing hormones. The majority of the effects are mild, such as bruising or soreness. Some other possible reactions include hot flashes and mood swings.


This one of the IVF risks and side effects stands for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. As a result of the syndrome the ovaries will get swollen and they may develop ovarian cysts. In rare cases the cysts twist and they cut their own blood supply which may result in blood clots.

Egg collection

The IVF risks and negative effects also depend on the egg collection. While usually this is an outpatient procedure, in rare cases complications could occur during the surgery. As a result women might experience discomfort and bleeding. The surrounding organs can become injured or infected as well.

Ectopic pregnancy

According to the studies regarding IVF risks and side effects the chances of an ectopic pregnancy are slightly higher than in case of natural fertilization. In this case the embryo can’t reach the uterus and it gets implanted somewhere else. In this case there is no way for the pregnancy to be saved.

Multiple pregnancy

Some say that this isn’t a real adverse effect or risk of IVF because women don’t really mind having twins. In order to increase the chances of success of the procedure, several fertilized eggs are transferred to the uterus and in some cases more than one fetus will develop.

Usually women don’t really care about the IVF risks and side effects because all they wish for is to have a baby of their own, regardless of the risks.


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