Evaluating IVF Risks

The women who are struggling with infertility may consider IVF. This stands for in vitro fertilization.

Although it seems to be wonderful to have this procedure and to end up pregnant, you should also think about the IVF risks.

Before agreeing to the procedure, make sure that you are alright with them.

IVF Risks

Drug reaction and the risks of IVF

The majority of women have some kind of reaction to the drugs. Usually the side effects are mild, such as hot flushes, headaches, being irritable, feeling down, restlessness, shortage of breath, vomiting, nausea, ovarian hyperstimulation or abdominal bloating because of fluid accumulation.

Multiple births

When thinking about the possibilities of IVF you have to remember that during a cycle there are several embryos transferred into the uterus. As a result, the chances of women having twins increase. Although this doesn’t seem to be a bad thing, it is more likely to have complications in case of twins.

As IVF risks you should consider that if you have twins you have higher chances of having high blood pressure. The chances of developing gestational diabetes increase by 200%-300%. 90% of the triplets and almost half of the twins and are born with low birth weight or prematurely.

Because of the IVF possibilities the specialists believe that it is best to limit the maximum number of embryos transferred to the womb to two and the women under 40 should have only one embryo transferred. This way, women could avoid the unnecessary risks.

Ovarian hyper stimulation

When it comes to the IVF risks the truth is that this is a rare complication. Usually it appears in case of women who are very sensitive to the fertility drugs used which need to be taken to increase the egg production. As a result there will be too many eggs developed in the ovaries, which in turn will enlarge and become painful.

This IVF risk is more common in case of younger women who are affected by PCOS. The symptoms of the complications appear a week after the eggs were collected. The symptoms include bloating and pain in the abdomen, vomiting and nausea. If the problem is severe, it can turn out to be dangerous.

Ectopic pregnancy

In case you are thinking about the IVF risks you should know that if you have IVF you have higher chances of having an ectopic pregnancy. It means that the fertilized egg doesn’t get implanted in your uterus but in another place, like the fallopian tubes.

As a result of this danger of IVF you might experience bleeding in the abdomen or vaginal bleeding. In case you do get pregnant, you will have a series of tests to ensure that the embryo is developing as it should. If you notice any pain or bleeding you should make sure you tell your doctor about it because it could mean that there is something wrong with your pregnancy.

It is important to know about the IVF risks before you decide to start with the procedure.


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