Learn More About Natural Fertility

It is possible that you have a healthy lifestyle and that you are in good health, but you would still like to increase your natural fertility. The good news is that there are several different natural methods that you could try and that are believed to offer the desired results.

Natural Fertility

Caffeine and fertility the natural ways

According to the studies that were conducted in the field, caffeine could make it difficult for women to get pregnant. However, in case of men caffeine could make it easier for sperm to fertilize the egg. According to the studies the men who drink coffee have higher sperm motility. However some of the studies show that caffeine is bad for male fertility.

Yoga, relaxation and meditation

When looking for natural remedies for fertility a lot of people say that couples should just relax. We all know that stress affects fertility to a certain extent. According to the latest studies, relaxation and meditation therapies make it easier for couples to conceive a child.

According to one of the latest studies regarding natural fertility the women who underwent a mind and body therapy while having an IVF process had better results than the women who didn’t go to therapy. In this case the success rate was of 52%.


When it comes to fertility that is natural you should know that the cervix produces cervical mucus that is just like any other kind of mucus. If you aren’t well hydrated the mucus dries out. If you have plenty of water the quality and the quantity of the mucus will improve. This kind of mucus is crucial for fertilization to take place.

Evening primrose oil

This is believed to be important when it comes to natural fertility. Some of the professionals use this to open the cervix during labor. In the same time it can also be used to soften the cervix to make fertilization easier. As a result sperm will be able to pass easier through the cervix.

Lemon water

There are several reasons for which lemons are good for fertility that comes naturally. First of all lemons are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Secondly the lemons are considered to be alkalinizing food. Contrary to the common belief the acidity of lemons is low and once you eat them, your body becomes more alkaline.

This is important for natural fertility because the vagina is naturally acidic and thus hostile to sperm. If the vagina becomes more alkaline, it will be easier for sperm to travel through it. You should drink lemon water in the morning, before you eat anything else.

No lubricants

When you want to achieve fertility which is natural you should consider that the lubricants that you are using have spermicidal characteristics. The same thing is true for olive oil and saliva that are natural lubricants.

Now you know more about natural fertility and you know about ways to improve your chances to conceive in a natural way, without the use of drugs.


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