10 Myths and Facts About Boosting IVF

Women who cannot become pregnant through natural process, have the option of In-vitro fertilization (IVF). It is an advanced technique which helps a woman conceive. Couples spend a hefty amount on IVF in order to make the process of conceiving successful. However, it is important to be careful and check your facts before trusting them. Here are a few myths and facts which are connected to the boosting method of IVF.

1. The success of IVF cycle is not in your hands

The fact says that the success of IVF cycle depends on the in-depth treatment procedure which needs to be executed on the couple. At times, the procedure of IVF is not carried out completely by a health physician. There are certain things which you need to take into consideration during the execution of IVF treatment.

You need to do some medical tests which will tell you if the ovaries produce sufficient eggs, your uterus is healthy enough to carry a baby, the amount of fluid present in the fallopian tubes, the healthy sperm count of your husband and the right diet to follow during the cycle of IVF. These points determine the success rate of your IVF cycle.

10 Myths and Facts About Boosting IVF

2. Stress affects IVF cycle

Generally, stress leaves a negative impact on a human’s body. It cannot be denied completely that couples who stress themselves at the time of IVF process have slow rate of success. But, stress is not only the reason. There are other factors which contribute to low success rate of IVF.

3. Keep yourself active after an embryo transfer

You might have heard in your acquaintances that a woman who has just transferred her embryo needs to take ample rest. The fact says that women who do not work much and rest a lot after the embryo transfer have low success of conceiving. Therefore, you should go back to your normal routine and keep continuing the regular stuffs as soon as the transfer of embryo is done.

4. Opt for acupuncture

Some women seek acupuncture treatment during the on-going process of IVF because the acupuncture increases the flow of blood in the embryo. This idea cannot be stated as false. Doctors state that a right treatment of acupuncture can be good for the implantation of embryo to a certain extent. Acupuncture may be useful according to a person’s body.

5. Medical clown

During the process of embryo transfer, a medical clown is send to the patient’s room to ease off stress. The medical clown makes you laugh with his or her acts. The health practitioner says that the laughter has nothing to do with boosting IVF.

6. Use of melatonin

Women who suffer from infertility are often advised by their doctors to take melatonin which helps the growth of fertility. You should consult with your health physician before you consume this drug. The overdose of melatonin can cause side effects and hamper the process of fertility.

7. Resort to herbal remedies

Researchers have proved that taking herbs while getting pregnant lower the chances of pregnancy. The reason is there are many herbs which show negative effects upon consumption.

8. Food that hinder with the chances of getting pregnant in IVF

It is not at all true that the success rate of getting pregnant through IVF is extremely dim. The success rate solely depends on the fast or slow response of a woman’s reproductive organs during IVF. It is also said that when you grab a bite of pineapple daily, avoiding gluten, or following any detailed diet has no effect on IVF achievement.

Though, it is important to have a fit, stable diet which is loaded with whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables if you do not want any complications in your pregnancy. Also, getting enough vitamin D is essential. It is also said that if there is less of vitamin D deficiency then this can be perhaps related to poor IVF outcomes.

9. Ingest diets which make fertility faster

Doctors deny the fact that there are some special kind of diet which enhances the fertility rate. The right amount of vitamins, proteins, folic acid and other nutritional food will help eggs fertilize fast in the embryo. 

10. IVF cannot be successful if you’re over 45

IVF cannot be successful if you’re over 45 is a complete false statement. Remember age is not anvital factor in a woman’s ability to get pregnant, it does not mean women over 40 must not try for IVF treatment at all.Study has revealed that women in their 40s have a lot of chance in success of IVF.

It is always recommended to choose a reputed IVF center and to consider the above factors before opting for the procedure.


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