Step by Step IUI Process – Learn More About It

In case you are thinking about intrauterine insemination you might be interested in the step by step IUI process.

This is a process that helps the couples dealing with infertility to get pregnant and have a child, even though there is need for some medical help.

How the IUI process step by step works?

First of all you will have to take fertility drugs and the doctors will start monitoring your ovulation. Your partner will have to offer a sperm sample that will be washed in a lab and will be prepared for insemination. In the end the doctor will inject the sperm into the uterus.

Getting ready

Before the step by step intra uterine insemination you will meet with a specialist who will do a work up. During this your health will be checked. Your hormone levels should be in the normal range and your uterus must be able to support a pregnancy. You will have to take drugs and you will be monitored through blood tests and ultrasounds.

The sperm

The step by step IUI process also involves preparing the sperm. As it has Step by Step IUI Processbeen mentioned before, it has to be washed to remove the chemicals that might prevent the pregnancy. Sometimes these chemicals cause an allergic reaction. Washing the sperm also minimizes the cramping experienced after the procedure.

Inserting the sperm

During the intrauterine insemination process step by step there is need to insert the sperm into the vagina to meet with the egg. This happens quite quickly and there is no pain associated with it. Usually the procedure takes up to two hours. First you will have to lie down on the table, just as in case of an exam.

After this step of the IUI process, the doctor will insert a flexible thin catheter into your uterus. This catheter is used to insert the washed sperm inside your uterus. Don’t forget that you will have to spend some time lying down, so you should bring your partner, a good book or some kind of entertainment to help pass the time.

It is important to stay calm during the step by step IUI procedure so you should have some kind of distraction. Usually there are two inseminations performed a day or two apart from each other. This is because this way the doctors can maximize the chances for the patient to get pregnant.

Now you know about the step by step IUI process. Make sure you are ready and try to be positive about the entire procedure since it is a fact that a positive attitude can help the fertilization process.


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