All about Emergency C Section

If you must have an emergency C section for sure you will be scared. Most probably you will be afraid for the health of your baby and also for your own health. Although a procedure like this will always seem frightening, if you find out more about it, you will find it easier to handle.

Emergency C Section

In case of a procedure of this kind, time is of the upmost importance. This is why you should expect the doctors to do several things to you at once. Although all the people running around might seem as chaos, you have to be sure that the doctors and nurses know what they are doing.

What happens?

During an emergency caesarean section the same things happen as in case of any other C section, just that everything happens faster. There will be a catheter and an IV put in. If the hospital practices shaving, you will be shaved and you will also receive some prep work.


If you have a real emergency C section then most probably you will be put to sleep during the majority of the procedure. If you are lucky your doctor will be able to buy you some time and you will get a spinal block. This way you will be able to be awake during the birth of your child. Your partner may also be present.

The surgery

When it comes to the caesarean section done as emergency, the procedure itself isn’t supposed to last too long. During it you will feel paralyzed from chest down. This might make you feel like you aren’t breathing, but you can be sure that you are.

There will be an anesthesiologist by your side during the emergency C section and he or she will ask you several times whether you feel alright. Make sure that you tell him or her if you feel like there is something wrong. Nothing could really go wrong but you could get scared if you don’t know what to expect.

In some cases even when women have emergency C section the doctors still allow the father to cut the umbilical cord if he is in the room. It is also possible that the doctors will allow the father to carry the baby to the nursery while they take care of the mother.

After the surgery

Once the emergency C section is over you will be taken to a recovery room for at least an hour. There will be nurses checking on you from time to time. In case you were awake during the procedure this may seem as a long period of time because you can’t hold your baby while you’re in the recovery room.

Being prepared

If you don’t know what to expect from the C section emergency operation things may seem scarier than they are in reality.

Now you know what to expect from an emergency C section and you can see that there is nothing to be frightened about.


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