The Amazing Benefits of Hypnosis in Labour

Hypnosis is a deep state of physical and mental relaxation which enables the person to focus more deeply on what they are feeling and thinking. It blocks out all distractions and makes the mind more open to things which it otherwise fails to consider.  This practice is also often used during labour to make the process easier for mothers and so that her fear and pain may be replaced by comfort. The following is some more information about hypnosis in labour and its many uses.

benefits of hypnosis in labour

Hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing during labour or childbirth is based on the theory that in order to experience comfort and easy birth, women must have a clear understanding of the way the uterus works or functions naturally at the time of natural childbirth when it is unencumbered by fear as well as the consequent side effects of the fear-tension-pain cycle.  According to the theory, birthing women along with their support partners are taught many kinds of practices like relaxation, visualization and meditation etc to enable the body to give birth without any restrictions for a painless experience.

The following are the main benefits of hypnosis during labour:

  • One of the main use of hypnosis during labour as seen through research is a decreased time of labour or average length of labour.
  • Another great use of hypnosis during labour is that it results in a lower rate of caesarean sections.
  • It also tends to lower down the use of pain relief medications such as epidurals and gas etc.
  • It has been proved that women who underwent hypnosis during labour and childbirth experienced increase ease and comfort of labour and birth.
  • They also experienced an increased or greater emotional satisfaction since their partners were more supportive, informed and involved in the process.
  • Besides this, the women who underwent their second childbirth under hypnosis reported to be more confident, focussed, in control and relaxed than their first birthing experience.

In the process of hypnosis during labour, the women is made to listen to calming music and this helps her feel much more fearless and calm about the procedure.  What happens during this process is that the subconscious mind hears those messages which bypass the conscious mind and this leads to a change in the beliefs of the mind about pain, fear and other apprehensions about childbirth.

Hypnobirthing works on the belief that fear and tension can cause more pain and by taking fear and tensions off, the pain can be reduced a lot.  A lot of people who guide women through hypnosis during labour encourage them to visualize and see themselves as a calmer version of themselves. This helps the women to be transported to another frequency level which in turn leads to more relaxation.  However it is important to remember that not all women who undergo this process at the time of labour or childbirth may experience the same level of comfort and relaxation.


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