Back Labor – Get the Facts

Labor and birth are the most demanding experiences that women have to go through. In order to avoid back labor there are a lot of things that women try, such as exercising on a regular basis or taking care of their health.

Nonetheless the majority of women still dread that they will have to go through this kind of labor.

What is the back labor discomfort?

This refers to a feeling of discomfort and pain in the lower back that women could experience during labor. The majority of women experience some level of pain or discomfort in the lower back. About 25% of women experience severe discomfort that is most painful during the contractions.

Back LaborIf a woman is affected by back labor pain, it is very likely that she will have irregular contractions, a labor that lasts for a long period of time or a stage of pushing that is longer than usual.

The causes

Usually the cause of the back labor is the position that the baby has. Such a position is when the baby is facing the abdomen of the mother.

In this case it is possible that the head of the baby puts pressure on the tailbone of the mother. As a result she may face severe pain during labor and childbirth.

Nonetheless a baby having a strange position doesn’t always lead to discomfort of back labor. In the same time the discomfort may also be caused by other factors besides the position of the little one.

Some of the studies show that the women who have severe cramps during their menstrual period are more likely to be affected by the discomfort.

How to make back labor better

The best thing you could do about this kind of discomfort is not to lie on your back. In case the problem is caused by the baby’s position, there are different techniques to change it. If the cause isn’t known, changing the position of the baby is a good place to start. Other measures for comfort could also help.

In order to make the pain of back labor you should try walking, sitting on a ball, squatting or lunging, using a rebozzo or shifting the pelvis, have open knee chest positions, pelvic tilts or sitting backwards on a chair or the toilet.

Making the discomfort better

In order to make the discomfort caused by back labor better, you could use some hot or cold compresses on the lower back, hydrotherapy with the help of a warm bath, shower or birth pool, counter pressure, heated rice sock, applying pressure with a rolling object on the lower back, like a water bottle.

When it comes to back labor experience you could also use a combination of different techniques of comforting measures and changing the position of the baby. It is best to have a childbirth class during pregnancy.

There are several methods to make back labor easier and researching them is always a good idea.


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