Evaluating Birthing Plans

It is important to think about birthing plans because this is the ideal way for the future mother to communicate her preferences regarding the birth process. However creating the perfect plan may be a daunting task and you might require some professional help.

Birthing Plans

Preferences for labor as part of the plans for birthing

You have to decide where you want to give birth. Possibilities include the hospital, your home or a birthing center. Also think about who will deliver the baby: a family practitioner, an ob-gyn or your midwife. You also have to make an educated decision regarding the labor options.

When it comes to options for birthing you have to think about whether you would like to be able to move around during labor, use a birthing ball, rocking chair, to take a shower and whether your preferences will interfere with the monitoring preferences.

The environment is also important regarding the methods of birthing. You could be thinking about low lights, aromatherapy, music, wearing glasses or your clothes. Also think about whether you want to watch TV or you want the doors to be closed or not. Consider the frequency of the vaginal exams as well.

If you are interested in the birth plans think about the IV, whether it should be capped or running, what kind of food will you have during your hospital stay and who will be your partner during labor. This could be your husband, a family member or a professional doula.

Monitoring preferences

There are a lot of birthing options when it comes to monitoring, like internal or external, intermittent or continuous. Sometimes women are worried about the heart rate of the baby during the contractions and so they prefer continuous monitoring even if they will have to stay in bed. Others prefer to move around.

Inducing labor

If your birth options include labor induction, you can choose from artificially rupturing the membranes, stripping the membranes, taking Pitocin, Cytotec or prostaglandin gel and the natural methods including nipple stimulation, walking, intercourse, castor oil and herbs.

Pain medication and anesthesia

In case of the birth methods you have three main options for pain medication and anesthesia: narcotics, natural pain management and epidurals. In the majority of the cases women know what they want and there is no doubt in their mind that they will be happy with the choice they made.

When thinking about your plan for birth consider that the narcotics are really effective, but they have side effects. The epidurals can relieve pain, but you will have to stay in bed. You should take these into consideration before choosing. Naturally you don’t have to make your choice at this moment.


Remember regarding your options that about 33% of all women give birth through a C-section. Considering this, you should think about what would make the experience relevant for you if you have to give birth through a C-section.

Now you know a lot more about birthing methods and you can make educated choices.


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