Bradley Childbirth Method Explained

The Bradley childbirth method is mainly based on the idea that giving birth to a child is a natural thing and in conclusion the right way of preparing for it can help a woman avoid the pain, the medication and the common surgical interventions during the time of labor and birth.

The method was named after its inventor the US obstetrician, Robert Bradley who has discovered it and put it in practice during the 40’s.

Bradley MenthodThe Bradley program lasts for twelve weeks and it is slightly more intense than the other similar programs of prenatal education.

The people supporting the method state that in proportion of 86%, the mothers using the Bradley method had a spontaneous birth without needing special medical care.

The Bradley philosophy states that it takes months to prepare for the childbirth and the new parent status.

The preparation is not only physical but also mental and emotional, the method focusing on all the aspects of the natural birth.

What exactly is the Bradley method?

First you should know that the classes are limited to no more than 8 couples.

The course is teaching about the mother’s nutrition and how does it affect the growing fetus while insisting upon the right exercises a mother should do during the pregnancy.

The course discusses the most common symptoms and problems that can appear during pregnancy and the right way to solve them.

The relaxing techniques necessary during the birth are extensively covered focusing on the breathing techniques able to help the mom enter the rhythm and control the pain instead of being distracted and tormented by it.

The method covers the implication of the partner in the moment of the childbirth and explains the stages of the labor and the body modifications the mother will go through.

The Bradley method explains the surgical procedures and how they can be avoided through an effective birth plan and an effective communication with your doctor.


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