Find Out More About Bradley Childbirth

For sure you have heard about the Bradley childbirth before, but you may not know exactly what it is.

According to this concept birth is a natural process. In case women have the right preparation, they can go through it without the use of medication or routine interventions.

Bradley Childbirth

Information about the childbirth of Bradley type

The birth classes last for 12 weeks and the truth is that it is more intensive than the other kinds of childbirth classes. In the majority of the cases women start with the classes in their fifth month of pregnancy. However sometimes ‘early bird’ classes are also available.

According to statistics regarding the Bradley method, about 90% of the trained couples had unmedicated and spontaneous vaginal birth. According to this philosophy it takes months to prepare the parents for childbirth on mental, physical and emotional levels.

The specialists say that the Bradley childbirth addresses all aspects of childbirth besides postpartum and pregnancy issues. During the courses the partners also learn how to become coaches to make the experience of women even pleasant and somewhat easier.

What will you learn from the method of Bradley?

In order to make sure that attending the classes will become an important and personal experience for the couples, the number is limited to eight or less. During the classes you will learn about nutrition and its effects on the baby and about the importance of exercises during pregnancy.

Besides these the Bradley childbirth also addresses pregnancy complaints and symptoms and it offers tips to handle these. It is also important to learn about techniques and methods of relaxation that you can use during labor and birth. There is an emphasis on the natural breathing techniques.

The main point of the Bradley classes is to tune you in with your pain instead of distracting you from it. The methods used involve your partner as well so that you will have a skilled coach. You will also learn about the labor stages and about the way body reacts to each one of them.

The Bradley childbirth teaches the couples about the possible medical interventions too and about ways for you to avoid them. You will learn to decrease the chances of having a C-section and the things you could do to if it is a must for you to have it.

The classes of Bradley find it important for women have to a birth plan and women learn communication skills to be able to communicate efficiently with their medical team. Women also learn about nursing, caring for the baby and about becoming responsible parents.

In our days the birthing classes are considered to be very important. There are several different kinds of classes for you to choose from, including the Bradley childbirth. Before choosing a class you should review the philosophy of different classes and then choose the one that is closest to your beliefs. If you think that this class is the most suitable for you, find a class that is close to you.


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