Understanding the Bradley Method

Most probably you have heard about the Bradley method before but you may have not found out what it really refers to. The main point is that according to this method women can go through childbirth without the use of pain medication or medical procedures usually used in this case.

What is the method developed by Bradley?

Robert Bradley has been an American obstetrician who created the method during the 1940s. This is actually a program that lasts for 12 weeks and it is more intensive than the other childbirth classes. It is said that 86% of the users had un-medicated and spontaneous childbirth.

Bradley MethodAccording to the philosophy of the method of Bradley, months are needed to prepare for childbirth physically, mentally and emotionally. It addresses the aspects of natural childbirth as well as some of the postpartum issues. The program also prepares the parents to become coaches.

What will you learn through the Bradley method?

In order to make sure that the classes will be effective, there are only eight couples or less in a class at a time. You will learn about nutrition and the effects of nutrition on the baby. Also you will find out about how important exercise is during pregnancy and when to be exercising.

Through the method of Bradley you will also learn about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and about the most common complaints that women have. In order to make childbirth easier you will be thought about relaxation techniques and breathing methods that will help you manage your pain.

The Bradley method may be important for your partner as well. This way you will get active support and he will be able to become a good coach on the big day. The instructors tell you about the stages of labor and what to expect during each one of the stages.

In case of the method of Bradley, it is also important to find out about the different medical interventions and ways to avoid the ones that you don’t really need. If you have this information you will see that there is a lot you could do in order to avoid having a C-section.

Another important role of the Bradley method is to help you make a birth plan and to help you achieve efficient communication with the team that you will be working with. To help you after childbirth, you can also learn about breastfeeding, why it is important and what to expect.


In order to make sure that you will actually learn through the method of Bradley, you will have to practice a lot so that you will have some first-hand experience. The instructors also make sure that they address your individual needs. The classes don’t have a lot of theory, but they do have a lot of practice.

As it has been mentioned, in case of the Bradley method it is important to have a coach, but that doesn’t need to be your husband. It could also be a doula or another person.


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