C Section vs Natural Birth – Evaluate Your Option

In case you are thinking about C-section vs. natural birth you may be asking why would women go through the trouble of vaginal birth if they can schedule a C-section.

There are more and more women choosing this path and this is partly to blame for the increasing number of C-sections performed.

C Section vs Natural Birth

Information about natural birth vs. C-section

The maternal request is a debatable issue. According to official information the rate of the C-sections increased from 1.5% to 48%. At the moment there aren’t any clear definitions of maternal request and it is debatable whether there is any supporting clinical indication.

Why is C-section more popular?

When thinking about C-section and natural birth for sure you know that some time ago all women gave birth through vaginal birth and there was no other way. Vaginal birth was the natural result of being pregnant and women were fine with this.

In the modern ages women do have a choice regarding C-section vs. natural birth. Now they have the possibility to be in charge and to decide the course of action, taking over the normal course of nature. All this has become possible due to the wonders of technology.

Is the C-section more advantageous?


If you are thinking about natural birth and C-section it is good to know that the C-section is the modern way to give birth. This involves the use of technology. We all know that technology saves lives on a daily basis and so women find this method reassuring, making them feel safe.

A decision to make

The women thinking about C-section vs. natural birth should know that at the moment the C-section is considered to be a major surgery while vaginal birth is a medical event. Why would women choose to have surgery if they have the possibility to go through something natural?


The thing about C-section vs. vaginal birth is that women have the possibility to schedule their C-section. Since everybody is using day planners in our days, this is a very important aspect of the C-sections. This way, women can plan ahead.

Time frame

In case you are considering your options it is good to know that a C-section lasts shorter than labor in the majority of the cases. Since time is money, women prefer to get things over with as quick as possible, not to mention that this way they experience less discomfort.


When thinking about C-section vs. natural birth a lot of women believe that the C-section is free of pain. Since women are under anesthesia, they don’t have to put up with the pains of labor. Not feeling a thing seems to be appealing for the majority of women.


It is good to know about vaginal birth vs. C-section that in case of vaginal birth the baby has to travel through the birth canal and this is a scary thought for most women.

Think about the pros and cons of C-section vs. natural birth and then reach a decision. Keep in mind that it’s all about you and as long you are comfortable the decision you take is the right one.


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