C Sections Becoming More Common, Endangering Health

There is an alarming trend being noticed worldwide, that incidence of Cesarean section births are increasing and that in this case, modernization is not necessarily a good thing.

In a WHO survey performed in 9 Asian counties, 27% births were done by C section and what is dismaying is that C sections were done not for reasons of medical exigencies but often for financial gain by the hospital.

According to this report, in China as many as 46% births are done by C section and in Latin America also 35% of babies are being born surgically.  Non necessary C sections raise morbidity and mortality rates among women and those women are more likely to die or be admitted into intensive care units, require blood transfusions or encounter complications that lead to hysterectomies, the WHO study found.

While some women elect to have a C section out of fear of labor pains, others do so in order to have their child born at a ‘favorable or lucky time’ after consulting with an astrologer. The fact that people mistakenly believe C sections are less risky and so common than vaginal deliveries that women as well as their families opt for C sections.


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