Pros and Cons of Cesarean Birth

Some women think that having a cesarean birth means taking the easy way out. Although at the beginning the whole idea may seem tempting, you should know that this method as well has some downsides that could outweigh the advantages of the procedure.

Risks of the birth by cesarean

It is true that a birth of this kind could save the life of the mother of the baby in emergency cases, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t some risks associated with it both during the procedure and after. If you compare the procedure to vaginal births, you will see that there is a lot of difference.

Cesarean Birth In case of the birth by C section you can expect to have a prolonged recovery, it is possible that you will have problems with breastfeeding, you could experience pain, hemorrhage, infections could appear in the uterus, wound or urine tract, blood clots and clotting problems could appear and you could have bowel obstructions.

Besides the physical side effects, you also have to think about the emotional ones of C section birth. Women who go through the procedure could have a feeling of failure, infant attachment disorders, depression and they could also have marital or family dysfunctions.

Naturally there are also some long term effects of cesarean procedure. These include chronic depression, sexual dysfunction, emotional distress, chronic pelvic pain, infertility, placenta separation, ectopic pregnancy, low-lying placenta and uterine rupture.

Advantages of C section procedure

It is true that the procedure seems to be more convenient for women. In case of the procedure you can know for sure when you will have the baby so there is less stress and anxiety. The risks of incontinence are lower in this case. The procedure can decrease the chances of being faced by sexual dysfunctions.

If you opt for the cesarean birth the baby has lower chances of oxygen deprivation during childbirth. The babies who are born through C section have smaller chances of trauma. This usually appears because the baby has to pass through the birthing canal, because of the vacuum extraction or forceps.

Women usually opt for delivery by cesarean because they have a higher level of control regarding the birth of the baby. They can plan ahead regarding the help that they are going to have, furniture delivery, baby nursing, work leave and so on. The procedure is more suitable for women who like to be in control.

Disadvantages of delivery by C section

If the due date wasn’t calculated correctly for one reason or the other, it is possible that the baby will be born before term. In rare cases the baby is injured when the doctor makes the incision. The mother’s bladder and bowels could also get injured during the procedure.

Having all this information regarding the C section birth will help you make an educated decision regarding the birth of your future children. Make sure that you consider the risks and disadvantages as well besides the advantages before making your choice.


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