Correct Baby Position During Delivery

Are you pregnant? Have you thought about your delivery options? With cesarean rates reaching over 30%, it is essential for you to know how to reduce the risk of cesarean section during labor as health experts believe many are unnecessary.

Even instrumental vaginal delivery is very complicated and results in health problems for both mother and child.

In most of these complicated delivery cases, the main reason to opt for either cesarean or instrumental vaginal delivery is the baby’s improper position in the mother’s womb.

To reduce risks of these complicated delivery options, you should be aware of the importance of baby’s position in your womb.

What is the best position of baby for birth?

The best and most suitable position for your baby during delivery is head down, with the back of the baby’s head slightly tilted towards the front of your stomach or tummy.

In this particular position, your baby snugly fits into the curve of your pelvis and it will be easy for your baby to move gently during labor.

During labor, when your baby gets to the bottom of your pelvis, s/he can slightly turn their head. This helps the widest part of your baby’s head to fit into the widest part of your pelvis.

In this position, the back of the baby’s head can then gently slip below your pubic bone. As your baby is born, his/her face sweeps across the perineum.

If you really want to avoid a caesarean section or other complications during delivery, seek advice from your doctor to get your baby in the right position.


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