Dad To Be – Should You Be Present For The Birth? The Pros

birthIt has to be the choice of the couple of course whether the father to be will remain present for the birth.

But this should be an informed choice, based on weighing the pros and cons of the situation.

Here are some of the reasons why the dad to be should remain present for the birth:

  • Having a loved one such as a husband or partner close at hand is comforting and helpful for the mother. It can be a big support for her during an arduous and difficult time.
  • It is thought that the presence of the dad to be makes the woman feel more reassured and that would result in fewer medical interventions.
  • According to many, this is a bonding exercise – that a life altering event such as the birth of a child is experienced together. The shared experience is thought to bring couples closer together.
  • It is also thought that the experience would help the man bond better with his baby and help him become a more hands on dad.
  • In the past few decades it has become very common and almost expected for men to remain present clasping the hand of the woman as she undergoes labor.


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