Early Signs of Labor Symptoms

In case you are in your third trimester, most probably you are already looking for the early signs of labor symptoms. Keep in mind that even though you might see the signs, it may be days or weeks before you actually go into labor.

Early Signs of Labor Symptoms

Spontaneous rupture of the membranes

This is known as ‘breaking of the waters’ and it refers to the rupture of the amniotic sac, which surrounds the baby. You may experience fluids gushing from your vagina.

Sometimes women think that they wet themselves. It appears in about 10%-15% of the cases, so it isn’t as common as movies say.


If you are looking for symptoms and signs of early labor, it is good to know that if you have regular contractions it is a good indicator that you are in labor. The contractions feel like menstruation cramps and it is also possible for you to experience back pain. You don’t have to time the contractions when they start. If they are really mild, you can ignore them.

Mucus plug

When it comes to the early signs of labor symptoms all women should know that after they become pregnant the cervix will get sealed by a mucus plug that stops it from opening. In labor, as the cervix dilates, this mucus plug will fall out. This can happen up to two weeks prior to labor.


This one of the early signs and symptoms of labor appears when women aren’t cold but they are still trembling. The sign can also appear during or after labor. If you don’t know why it happens, it could turn out to be quite scary. Usually it lasts only for a few minutes and it is the body’s way to relieve tension.


The women interested in the early signs of labor symptoms often say that they can feel the baby dropping lower in the pelvis. The good news is that this way it will become easier for you to breathe. On the other hand, there will be more pressure on the bladder, so you will have to go to the restroom more often.


As a result of the high prostaglandin levels, the bowels will open more often, and this will result in diarrhea. So this is also one of the early signs of labor symptoms.


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