9 Best Educational Resources on What to Expect Before Giving Birth

From water births to home births and c-sections to multiples

Don’t go into your birthing experience blind! Check out these highly informative videos that walk you through every step of the labor and delivery process so there won’t be any surprises.

1. The Business of Being Born

This is a great documentary-style video that talks about birthing techniques of past and the modern birth experience of today, covering topics like midwifery and home births, common medical practices, and more. If you’re looking for an all-round way to educate yourself about what it’s like to go through a birthing process, The Business of Being Born is a fantastic option.

Business of Being Born2. Laugh and Learn About Childbirth

Laugh and Learn About Childbirth is an entertaining but informative way to discover the process of childbirth. In particular, you’ll learn about the three phases of labor, breathing techniques that work, whether or not to take pain medications, and the different intervention methods you might encounter throughout the process.

3. Labor 101: Birth Class in a Box 3 Disc Set

Labor 101: Birth Class in a Box is an investment you won’t regret. The 3-disc set includes 1 DVD and 2 CDs. The DVD covers all of the essential topics related to the labor process, including interviews with experts like Dr. Kari Lawrence, Dr. Douglas Allen, Roberta Ward, C.N.M., F.N.P., Sports Psychologist, Seth Quealy, and Dr. Michael Whiting. Perhaps one of the best features in this set is the digital animation and birth photos with diagrams that really help to illustrate the various concepts they’re teaching you.

The video also includes two live birth videos. The two CDs are as follows: All about Labor (28 minutes) and Relaxation & Pain Management (74 minutes) which are great supplements to the video.

4. In the Womb – National Geographic

In the Womb by National Geographic is another fabulous educational video that will give you a highly visual, insightful view into what it’s like for a baby to move from the womb into the world. In addition to providing some video and computer animated explanations of various concepts, the video provides some insights into what they believe are the best positions for giving birth. This is also a great option if you have children who are interested in the birth process, whether they’re welcoming a new sibling into the world, or are just curious about the experience.

5. Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret

Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret is a fresh and intriguing take on the concepts of birth-giving, that of being able to experience orgasms not only throughout your pregnancy, but also during the birth process as a way of relaxing and enjoying the experience. Not only does the video include many live birth videos as educational tools, it explores the concept of orgasmic birth and other related ideas in an interesting way.

6. Birth as We Know It

Birth As We Know It is another documentary-style film that is loaded with educational content, covering everything from childbirth, circumcision, and limbic imprinting. It also provides video of many different types of birthing methods, including natural births, home births, water births, birthing of multiples, breech deliveries, and even a self-birth. It’s truly an astounding journey into the very basic concepts in labor and delivery.

7. Homebirth Stories

Homebirth Stories is a wonderful DVD detailing the stories of three couples’ experiences of homebirths. They cover alternative theories for a healthy homebirth including things like birthing stools, birthing in bed, and water births.

8. Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. the Real Thing

Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. the Real Thing provides the realistic insights into the birth giving process you’ve always wanted to see. Instead of romanticizing the process, as is often the case in movies and on television, this video provides over 100 video clips to debunk a variety of labor and delivery myths.

9. Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion

Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion is the perfect video for those considering hiring a doula to work with them throughout the birthing process. It depicts the many roles and tasks of a doula to give you a better idea of what it is like to work with such a professional.

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