Have You Considered Giving Birth in Water?

Giving birth in water is one the biggest sensations surrounding child delivery today. In the past few years, water birth has greatly gained popularity among expectant mothers mainly due to the benefits associated with it.

Some medical institutes have gone to lengths in publishing reports on the various advantages associated to this delivery method. This in fact, is not new to the world.

Ancient Jews practiced this method as a less traumatizing and painful form of birth. Though there are contradicting opinions in medical circles concerning the safety of water birth, many women around the world are opting for this method.

Understanding the process of water delivery

Giving Birth in WaterThis method of child delivery is not complicated in any way. The mother in labor is usually placed inside a tub with warm or lukewarm water. The baby is usually monitored using a special underwater device that checks the temperature and heart beat of both the baby and mother.

The mother stays in the water tub as she labors. You can either choose to give birth inside the water or outside the tub. There is no need to worry about giving birth in water as babies do not breathe in air until they are exposed to air.

A qualified attendant is usually on standby to take the baby out of the water and hand it to you. It is important to reinsure that this whole process takes place in the presence of trained medical professionals.

Benefits of giving birth in water

  • The most common benefit is that water birth minimizes labor pains. Sitting submerged in a tub of warm water relaxes and soothes your muscles making the process of labor much easier as compared to the conventional way of giving birth. Water is known to stimulate your body’s natural pain inhibitors.
  • Giving birth in water also provides a less traumatizing environment for the new born baby because it is usually similar to the womb’s environment. This helps prevent over stimulation at the time of birth.
  • Water also provides enough buoyancy that helps reduce the pressure experienced during labor on the back and stomach. This enables you to relax and have an easier labor. Buoyancy also makes it easier for you to change positions during delivery.
  • The warm water encourages blood flow to the heart and reduces blood pressure and is also thought to encourage hormones that help control stress.

Just like the giving birth using other methods, this should be done under the supervision of a licensed maternal care professional and greatest care taken during the delivery process. In case you have a high risk pregnancy or are carrying premature, multiple or breeched babies, water birth is not recommended at all.

Some risks and complications may be associated to water birth therefore best option is to always discuss with your doctor about the safest and most appropriate delivery method for your specific situation. It is important to have a proper understanding of the whole process prior to giving birth in water.


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