Home Remedies to Induce Labor

In the case of most pregnant women, labor gets induced on its own somewhere around the 40th week of pregnancy but in some cases, women might face difficulty in getting into labor. In such cases, it is best to follow some home remedies to induce labor as these are the safest ways to enter labor and also the most reliable. There are several natural ways through which a woman can ensure that her labor period starts at the right time. The following given part of the article shall focus on some of the most effective ones:

Home Remedies to Induce Labor

Being Physically Active:

Doing regular exercises during pregnancy and trying to be fit during this period is the best way to ensure a timely labor. Pregnancy yoga is a very effective workout which has shown some tremendous results as far as inducing of labor is concerned.

Walking is advised to avoid long pre labor period. Infact walking on a steep hill or slope is even more effective. Another way to ensure a timely labor is to lean over either a piece of furniture or any other supportive object. Walking up stairs is thus a recommended workout for pregnant women.

Eating Pineapple and Some Other Fruits:

Pineapple is a fruit which is rich in certain enzymes which help in mild contractions. One enzyme present in pineapple which is helpful in inducing labor is called Bromelain. This enzyme helps to soften and ripen the cervix which is thereby helpful in inducing labor at the right time. Some other fruits such as Kiwi, Mango and Papaya are also rich in such enzymes. If you cannot have a lot of these fruits then try having them in the form of juices or smoothies.

One can also try having dried fruit as it helps women to reach labor on time. These are rich in iron and reduce the chances of being anemic.


Having spicy foods always helps in inducing labor fast and thus garlic is always recommended to the women who are experiencing delay in their labor. Eating enough garlic ensures the fact that the bowels are stimulated which results in loose stools.

Raspberry Leaf Tea:

Drinking raspberry leaf tea from the 24th week of pregnancy is a good way to avoid a long pre labor phase. One can have this tea 2-3 times a day.

Some other home remedies including having warm baths, making love, reflexology and acupuncture points.


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