Homebirth for Delivering the Baby – Choose or Not

For sure you know that homebirth was common until the 1900’s after which more and more women started giving birth at hospitals. Although these days the doctors use the latest technology, still there are a lot of women who choose this place of birth. Usually there is need for the help of a trained midwife.


Is giving birth at home right for you?

This is a possibility that you could think about if you have a low-risk and healthy pregnancy. It is also right for the women who don’t want to have a C section, episiotomy, epidural or other interventions. Usually women prefer this method because they can share their experience with their friends and family.

The advantage of being at home when giving birth is that you have freedom of movement. You can go wherever you want to, you can change positions, you can eat and drink and you could also take a shower. Also consider that in this case you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity that your home offers you.

You shouldn’t think about homebirth if…

This isn’t a good choice if you happen to be diabetic, if you have toxemia or chronic high blood pressure. The women who experienced preterm labor before or that are at risk of having preterm labor should also forget about this option. It is also important for your partner to agree with the method as well.

What will the midwives bring?

There are some items that may be needed in case of childbirth at home. This is why the midwives bring oxygen, IVs (in case the mother needs nutrients or gets dehydrated), sterile gloves, cotton hat for the little one, gauze pads, drop cloths, a thermometer and waterproof covers used on the bed.

In case of homebirth the midwives could also use ultrasonic stethoscopes or fetoscopes, drugs to stop or slow down bleeding, homeopathic remedies, herbal preparations, acupuncture needles and items needed for suturing the possible tears. It is possible that the midwife will offer a massage to the mother.

Going to the hospital

You should know that home childbirth could end with having to go to the hospital. According to official information, in about 40% of the first mothers needed to go to the hospital and about 10% of the women who gave birth before were transferred to the hospital.

The homebirth could end with going to the hospital if the mother feels exhausted and doesn’t want to go on with the procedure, if there is a premature rupture of the membranes, lack of progress with labor, high blood pressure, cord prolapse, fetal distress or hemorrhage.

Things to consider

When thinking about home labor you should have a team of professionals that consists of a midwife and an obstetrician. You should talk to several midwives to find out about their philosophy. You should find a midwife that has the same view of birth as you do.

If you opt for homebirth, you have a lot to consider.


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