Hospital Birth Vs Home Birth – The Pros Of Hospital Birth

While in the less developed nations, a home delivery is still seen as a sign of poverty, backwardness and a lack of reach of medical facilities; home birthing has become a preferred choice for many in the western world.

While there are many pros and cons of a hospital delivery as well as a home delivery, it is important to know the possible benefits of both before deciding which is the one for you.

Medical Assistance is at hand in a hospital: When a woman chooses to birth her baby in a hospital, monitoring equipment for keeping an eye on wellbeing of mother and child are always birth

More expert staff is available and at hand, should there be any need. In the event of fetal distress, medical intervention is quickly available and precious time can be saved.

For women and or babies who have health issues such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, of if the baby is in a breech position, it may be ideal to have a hospital setting at hand for the delivery.

For a high risk pregnancy, such as if the woman is of very advanced age or if she has had one or more miscarriages prior to the present pregnancy, a hospital environment would be better suited. Trained and experienced staff is always at hand for any eventuality.

Pain management: Should a woman’s labor be extended, or too painful or for any other reason if a woman feels the need to get pain relief, (anesthesia or analgesia) this would be readily at hand in a hospital.

In the event of any complications during the delivery or requirement for the use of forceps, there is no need for transfer of mother and baby to the hospital.

Postpartum Help: For many it may be important to get the kind of postpartum help that a hospital is able to provide.

Trained and certified home birth professionals such as midwives and doulas would have to be contacted previously and things would have to be put in place for a home delivery.

Insurance: Many insurance plans may not cover a home birth.

It could be that, a woman who is to be a mother for the first time is unsure and apprehensive enough about the birthing process to not be confident enough to choose a home birth, however in a later delivery she may be well enough aware and confident of choosing to have the process done at home.


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