Hypnobirthing – What Is It Really About?

It looks like the world is changing around us, starting with the basics, such as birth. One new concept that you may have heard about is hypnobirthing. The specialists say that this is a rebirth of the concept, and the main point is for women to see childbirth as something pleasant, rather than something scary.

Hypnobirthing(photo credit: cnn.com)

Information about the hypnobirthing method

If you are using this method, then you are said to have surges, not contractions, and it’s not called labor anymore, but birthing. In the same time the discomfort that you feel during the process isn’t known as pain, but practitioners call it pressure. It is important to remove fear from the feelings that women have.

According to the this method women should calm their mind and body to reach a kind of self-hypnosis so that they will feel less discomfort and pain. This is a new trend among pregnant women, just as practicing yoga, using Lamaze classes or the Bradley method.

At the moment it is not known how many women are using hypnobirthing, but according to official information, there are about 1,400 practitioners in the United States that are supposed to train women to give birth using this method. The women taking the classes give birth at hospitals.

When it comes to the hypnobirthing method you should know that some women opt not to have painkillers, C sections or epidurals, while some choose to give birth at home. The goal of the method is to show women that childbirth isn’t something that has to be accompanied by anxiety.

The difference

You shouldn’t think that if you are using it you won’t have any pain. The method is different from all the others because it teaches women about the different processes that go on inside their body. The main point for the practitioners is to educate women.

There are some hospitals in the country that offer courses regarding the hypnobirthing method along with other kinds of classes. The method has become popular through the word of mouth and because of the Hollywood celebrities who gave birth using this method, including Tiffani Thiessen and Jessica Alba. Miranda Kerr also used hypnobirthing to give birth.

It is said that women prefer this method because of the relaxation techniques and because it makes it possible for them not to be stressed about childbirth. In the same time there are more and more practitioners who would like to teach women about the technique.

What do women say?

It is important to know that the hypnobirthing method doesn’t mean that there will be somebody swinging a clock in front of you so that you will be asleep during childbirth. All the mothers are awake during the process, but they are trained to be as calm as if they were asleep.

While using hypnobirthing, women could also use rhythms, instrumental music and different affirmations. Practitioners also say that it is good to visualize their goal, such as holding their baby in their arms but visualizing a relaxed place might also do the trick.

Using the hypnobirthing method is something like getting self-hypnotize. Women are relaxed in a deep limp state. The truth is that every woman visualizes something else during childbirth, such as a beach, a happy event or a peaceful place where they are comfortable. It is important to make it feel real, such as feeling the salty smell of the water and hearing the seagulls.

Hypnobirthing also makes use of the traditional birthing techniques. According to this method there is nothing to be worried about because the body knew how to nourish the baby for 9 months and it will also know how to bring the little one into the world.


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