Methods for Inducing Labor Naturally

In many cases women get quite impatient to hold their baby in their arms, and so they may think about inducing labor naturally. Of course this usually happens when the due date has already passed and women feel like they can’t spend another minute being pregnant.

Walking and natural labor inducing

No matter how simple this method may seem, it could really work. This is because gravitation is drawing the baby towards your pelvis and your hips are also swaying, helping with the movement of the little one. If there is pressure in the pelvic region, this could make the cervix open.

Inducing Labor NaturallyIf you are thinking about inducing natural labor and you already have contractions, walking can help with the progression of labor. Even if walking doesn’t help with labor, it will make you fit for the big day. Nonetheless make sure that you don’t get too tired and that you will have energy to push.


Although this activity is quite difficult when you are 40 weeks pregnant, it may help inducing labor naturally. It is a known fact that sperm comes with prostaglandin that makes the cervix dilate. In the same time, the brain releases oxytocin during an orgasm that could trigger the contractions.

Even if you can’t achieve natural labor inducing this way, for sure you will be able to relieve some tension, even if you are just laughing while trying to get things going. Also this is a good way to enjoy the last days while it’s only the two of you because pretty soon your family will grow.

Evening primrose oil

There are many midwives that suggest this plant for inducing labor naturally. This is because it makes the cervix soften and dilate so your body can prepare for labor. You could be taking the oil in form of capsules or rub the cervix with it during the last week of pregnancy. You could also insert the capsules into the vagina.

Before you try this kind of natural labor inducing you should make sure to talk to your practitioner about it. This is because the women who have placenta previa should avoid using the herb. There are some other herbs that you could be thinking about, like red raspberry leaf. Use the herbs only if your doctor suggests you to.

Castor oil

A lot of people don’t know that castor oil can be used for inducing labor naturally. It acts through making the bowels contract and causing bowel movements. In turn it irritates the uterus as well that starts contracting. Nonetheless there are some downsides too.

If you are thinking about natural labor inducing and you don’t show signs of labor yet, it is possible that you will only have a bad case of diarrhea. This means that you have to think about the consequences of taking castor oil before you actually take it.

Spicy food

It is said that spicy food can also help with inducing labor naturally because, just as castor oil, it irritates the intestines that, in turn, makes the uterus contract. Naturally there is no actual evidence that it really helps with labor so there is no risk if you try it and it doesn’t work out.


Acupuncture is also believed to help with natural labor inducing because it can stimulate the contractions of the uterus and it can make the baby more active. There are a lot of specialists and mothers who agree with this method. The method only works in case the baby is ready to be born.

As you can see, there are some possibilities for inducing labor naturally.


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