Pros and Cons of Inducing Labor

There could be many reasons for inducing labor – there could be a medical reason for this, the baby may be past the delivery date or the mother may well feel that she wants to get it all over and done with already.

However before making the decision to induce labor, consider some of the pros of inducing labor

Inducing LaborThere are many medical situations where inducing labor can be avert significant problems and possible complications for mother and baby. If a baby is past the estimated due date then there may be the need to induce labor.

Induction may also be necessary it pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes are present.

If it is detected that the baby is not getting sufficient nourishment and is not thriving or that there is insufficient amniotic fluid present, then induction may be necessary as well.

Placental deterioration or detachment is also a reason to induce labor.

It is also necessary to induce labor if a woman’s water has broken but her contractions have not started.

Also consider some of the cons of inducing labor

There is a strong argument against inducing labor merely for the sake of convenience or for the sake of planning. This is because there could be certain fallouts of inducing labor-

Inducing labor is something that many clinicians believe starts a chain of interventions and adds up to an added risk of having to undergo a C section to deliver the baby finally. Studies have shown that inducing labor ups the risk of having a C section; however there are also studies that have presented the contrary view – that inducing labor lowers chances of a C section.

Inducing labor poses these problems for the baby as well – premature birth may be one result of inducing labor early. The baby’s heart rate may be lowered due to the excessive contractions caused by the induction. The stress on the baby due to the stronger contractions can be significant.

The risk of umbilical cords problems (such as umbilical prolapse) also increases.

The risk of uterine rupture is also seen to rise if a woman has had a previous C section.

Uterine muscles may not contract properly after the delivery as a result of the induction and this may cause excessive bleeding after pregnancy.

Induced labor is sometimes more severe and painful even if it is shorter in duration.

So it is important to consider all the pros and cons of inducing labor before making a decision regarding this.


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