Find Out the Benefits of Lamaze Classes

The Lamaze classes have been created by a French obstetrician called Ferdinand Lamaze and it is used in the US since the 1950s. Now it is one of the most popular childbirth classes offered.

At the beginning, the main point of the class was to teach women breathing techniques, but since then it has evolved.

Information about Lamaze childbirth classes

According to official information, the main point of the classes is to make women believe that they are able to give birth naturally. At the end of the classes the participants learn different methods to cope with different aspects of childbirth. This way women learn to respond to pain so that it will make labor and childbirth easier.

Lamaze ClassesAccording to the Lamaze childbirth classes, birth is natural, normal and healthy and women have the right to give birth without medication and routine interventions.

Nonetheless the classes also teach women about the pain medications and the different routine interventions.

It is true that the Lamaze classes don’t really agree to exterior help when it comes to childbirth, but they educate women about them so that in case they have to make a decision regarding birth they will have all the information they need to make the right choice.

What to expect from the Lamaze childbirth classes?

Normally the classes last for 12 hours in total and there should be no more than 12 couples participating. During the classes, the couples will learn about labor and birth with the help of visual aids of real births and they also receive information about the postpartum period.

When it comes to the Lamaze classes, it is also important to learn how to become an informed and active participant of childbirth. As it has been mentioned women learn about different breathing techniques to help them cope with pain.

These aren’t the only relaxation technique that the Lamaze childbirth classes teach the participants, but also other strategies that help women manage pain, like walking, massage, hydrotherapy and changes of position. The partner also learns how to support and encourage his partner.

The Lamaze classes really focus on the importance of one-to-one support from a professional during labor.

Communication is another important aspect of childbirth because women have to make sure that their needs are met and they need to communicate with their doctors and nurses.

Although it’s not pleasant to think about this aspect, the Lamaze childbirth classes also teach couples about the most common complications that could happen during birth and labor and the most common procedures that are meant to make the complications better.

As it has been mentioned, the Lamaze classes aren’t entirely against the pain medication, and this is why you could find out about epidurals and other kinds of pain management medication. It is important to know about the early interaction with the baby and about breastfeeding that you can learn during the classes.

If you are thinking about taking classes, the Lamaze childbirth classes may be exactly what you have been looking for. The advantage in this case is that you can find out about numerous aspects of labor and childbirth and you will know how to turn it into a pleasant experience.

The Lamaze classes could also be important for your partner because during the classes he can learn to be supportive and to be there for you when you need him. As you can see this is something that couples need to do together. Raising a baby is something that couples should do together and so they should also be together when the little one arrives to this new world.


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