Lamaze Method To Make You Aware Of The Labor Process!

For many years, Lamaze method has been related to a particular type of breathing during the labor process.

This method is developed by Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze. Around 1950s, most of the American women had begun using this technique.

From then, the Lamaze method has developed from birthing method to birthing philosophy.

Basic principles behind Lamaze philosophy include:

  • Birth is natural, normal and healthy.
  • Birthing experience profoundly affects women and also their families.
  • Every woman has the rights for giving birth free from usual medical interventions.
  • The confidence level and the ability of giving birth in every woman is either improved or diminished by the practitioner and birth place.
  • Inner wisdom of every woman guides through birth.
  • Birthing process can take place safely at homes and birthing centers.

According to the above principles, one can understand that the Lamaze classes are not just about breathing; instead they help you to feel confident in your natural ability of giving birth.

The practitioners of Lamaze method help to learn all about birthing process. The practitioners believe that through this awareness, you can better able to make informed choices about your baby’s birth so that you will become an active member of the labor process.

During the Lamaze classes, you will be educated about:

  • Various labor positions
  • Hot or cold therapy
  • Lamaze breathing techniques
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage
  • Including movement and also birth balls in your labor process
  • Labor, birth and postpartum period

Lamaze method is not mainly intended to make the labour process less painful. In reality, the idea behind Lamaze method is that the pain you encounter during the labor process works as a shielding force for your body. By using Lamaze method, you will learn about dealing with the pain that normally occurs during labor.

Every pregnant woman worries about the pain associated with labor process. With the help of Lamaze classes, you will learn how to become more familiar about the pain and contractions. So, you can move accordingly and place your body in a manner that aids for the natural birthing process.

During the classes, you will become aware of drugs that are used during labor process and also their effects on your body.

Usage of epidural during the labor process can numb you and it will become difficult for you to change the birthing position or walk around.


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