More About Back Labor Symptoms

The truth is that labor and childbirth are two of the most physically demanding experiences women have to through. This is why there are so many women interested in the back labor symptoms. This is something that they all wish to avoid but sometimes this is something that they just have to live with.

Back Labor Symptoms

What is it?

Before talking about the symptoms of black labor, you should know what it really refers to. Back labor refers to the discomfort and pain that women have to experience in the lower back during childbirth. The majority of women experience some degree of aches and pains in the back during birth.

However about 25% of all women see the back labor signs that means severe discomfort in the lower back that is really intense during the contractions and it really painful even between the contractions too. This kind of labor can also be accompanied by irregular contraction patterns.

What causes the back labor symptoms?

In the majority of the cases the cause of the symptoms is the position of the little one. If he or she is in an occiput position the head of the baby can apply pressure on the tailbone of the mother, leading to discomfort during childbirth. Nonetheless sometimes the baby’s odd position isn’t to blame for the discomfort.

This means that the signs of back labor aren’t always caused by the position of the little one. According to the research the women who usually experience pack pain during their menstrual cycle is more likely to be affected by back labor, no matter in what position the baby is in.

What to do about the back labor symptoms?

The best thing you could do about the symptoms is to get off your back. If the doctors believe that the discomfort is caused by the position of the baby, there are some techniques that can be used to change the position of the little one. However if the cause is unknown, you could still start by changing the position of the baby.

Change the position of the baby

If you see indications of back labor, you could try walking, sitting on a birthing ball, lunging and squatting, use a sheet or rebozzo to shift your pelvis, hula-hoop dancing, making pelvic tilts, use open knee positions or try sitting backwards on the toilet or on a chair.

How to make the discomfort better?

If you are affected by the back labor symptoms you may apply hot or cold compresses on your back, apply counter pressure on the affected area, use hydrotherapy applied on your back, use heated rice shock, or apply pressure with a rolling object, such as a water bottle, tennis ball or beverage can.

In case you see the back labor indications you could also use a combination of different techniques to make it more likely that you will actually experience some relief from the pain.

Now you know more about the back labor symptoms and you know what you can do about them.


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