Natural Birth and Why Should You Go for It?

You should consider natural birth in case you don’t want any medication during labor. This will allow you to be in total control of your body and to be able to participate actively in the process. Also in this case you won’t have the routine procedures offered to mothers. Still you could change your mind at any moment.

Natural Birth

Advantages of giving birth the natural way

In case you choose this kind of childbirth you will have to experience all the pain and discomfort that childbirth comes with. This means that you will be completely aware at every stage of the process. In case you have the right preparations, you will get a feeling of satisfaction and power at the end.

The good thing about giving birth the natural way is that the methods used are not invasive so the chances of the baby being harmed or having side effects are quite small. As it has been mentioned before, women have a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment after giving birth.

Even more, the women who had natural childbirth without any pain medication say that if they had to give birth again, they would choose the same route. In some cases women say that the fact that they have total control of the situation makes it easier for them to cope with pain.

In case you go for giving birth the natural way you will be aware the entire time and you will have control of the situation. You can also move around and find positions that are more comfortable. Even more, when the time comes you can also help the process through pushing the baby.

If you have natural childbirth you won’t have an IV so you will have a bigger range of motion. If you don’t have an epidural, the chances of needing oxytocin to have stronger contractions, vacuum extraction, catheterization or forceps delivery are a lot smaller.

Your partner may also agree with you giving birth the natural way because this way he can help more with the process. In this case you can start with visualization, exercises and self-hypnosis and you could use these techniques during the process as well.

The mothers who opted for natural birth often find themselves using the same methods during the postpartum period to make the discomfort better and to cope with the stress of caring for the newborn baby. Naturally other mothers could use the same techniques as well.

Disadvantages of giving birth the natural way

The natural techniques, unlike an epidural, do not eliminate pain. This means that if you don’t want to be in pain and practice pain management then you should opt for the pain medication. In the same time the natural methods may not help in case of a labor with complications or a prolonged labor.

How to prepare for natural childbirth?

In case this is the route that you want to take, you should make start the preparations in time. You need to come up with a birth plan. Also you have to make sure that you will give birth in the right environment with the right caregiver present. This way you will have the right support.

It is possible to be giving birth the natural way in a normal hospital but you may also consider going to a special center or giving birth at home. The centers offer the right setting for a family-oriented birth and you could have everything as you like if you give birth at home.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages in considering a natural childbirth, but also some disadvantages.


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