Top Reasons to Have a Natural Child Birth

When it comes to natural childbirth you should know that it refers to the situation when a woman chooses to go through labor and birth without using medication.

In this case there is a labor assistant with her who guides her through the different stages of labor.

Information about childbirth that is natural

The best thing about this kind of childbirth is that women are in control of their body. Usually it isn’t about being brave or a martyr but considering childbirth something natural.

A lot of women say that the experience is painful, but it is also rewarding and empowering.

Natural Child BirthWhat does natural childbirth refer to?

This is a low tech way of giving birth and it means that women don’t receive medication, like pain relievers.

In the same time there are no modern medical interventions. It is important for women to lead their labor and to deal with it as they think is right.

Natural childbirth techniques

It is up to you to choose how you want to go through the experience. Sometimes women can deal with the pain through focusing on something else.

The two most common philosophies practiced in the U. S. include the Bradley method and the Lamaze technique.

The Lamaze technique for natural childbirth says that birth is something natural and normal and it focuses on teaching women to have a neutral approach towards pain.

In this case it is important for women to make an educated decision regarding their labor and childbirth.

The Bradley natural childbirth classes have as their main point having a birth coach. In this case all medical interventions are supposed to be avoided unless they are really necessary. In the same time it also focuses on the right nutrition and having exercise when being pregnant.

The classes of natural childbirth teach deep breathing and relaxation techniques to make the pain bearable for women. Although the practitioners want women to avoid medical interventions, they also offer information about the emergency interventions, such as the cesarean section.

How to cope with the pain?

When it comes to ways of natural childbirth there are a lot of options that women can choose to cope with the pain. These include practicing yoga, hypnosis, meditation, massage, walking, counter pressure, changing position, staying in warm water, listening to relaxing music, and visual imagery.

What do the natural childbirth techniques feel like?

Labor is often considered a painful experience but you have to know that each woman goes through it differently. Sometimes the pain of childbirth could feel like menstrual cramps, while other women say that it is like heavy pressure. Some of the women even say that the process feels like having cramps because of diarrhea.

The women who give birth for the first time say that the pain is greater for women who already gave birth.

The best thing that you could do during your pregnancy is to find natural childbirth classes that are suitable for your idea of giving birth and that you think are right for you.


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